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CE Approval Styles

The follow products have been verified according to standard EN 50525-1:2011, and found in compliance with the council Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU. CE approval marking is granted to demonstrate the compliance with Low Voltage Directive.

✔  PVC Sheathed Cable: 

     UL2464, UL2517, UL20387, UL21388

✔  TPU Sheathed Cable: 

      UL20197, UL20233, UL20234, UL20235, UL20280, UL20549

✔  Rubber Power Cable: 

      60245 IEC 53 (YZ) 300/500V

      60245 IEC 57 (YZW) 300/500V

      60245 IEC 66 (YCW) 450/750V

✔  VDE Rubber Cable: 

      H03RN-F 1x0.5~0.75mm2

      H05RR-F 2,3,4,5x0.75~2.5mm2

      H05RN-F 2,3x0.75~1.00mm

      H07RN-F 2,3,4,5x1.0~25mm2

✔  PVC Power Cable: 

      60227 IEC 52 (RVV) 300/300V

      60227 IEC 53 (RVV) 300/500V

✔  VDE Power Cable: 

      H03VV-F 2,3x0.50~0.75mm2

      H05VV-F 2,3,4,5x0.75~2.50mm2


 Verified Standard: EN 50525-1:2011

 Low Voltage Directive: 2014/35/EU

 Result: CE approval marking granted.

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