We manufacture and supply quality Spiral cable, TPU cable, PUR cable, TPE cable, LSZH cable, Ribbon cable, Rubber Cable.


We own 600 UL style numbers.

We put on new style numbers

per market demand.

DIN VDE 0281

Flexible wire with thermoplastic

PVC insulation, or crosslinked

elastomeric insulation.

CSA C22.2

FT-1, FT-2, types of single

conductor and multi conductor

as flat and round.

Custom make

WCH's goal is to provide

satisfied quality, price,

service, tech support.

About Us

WCH Cable has been in the field of cable and wire since 1997. From the very beginning, thanks to the positive quality management and cost performance, WCH Cable obtains great success in China market and keeps progress ever since. In 2004, WCH Cable was registered and marched into the international market officially.
WCH Cable has been engaged in providing power and signal transmission solutions for the commercial, industrial, and household electronics and appliances industries. WCH Cable integrates businesses globally with providing a competitive advantage of safe, cost effective, and innovative products that improve our everyday life.
Our goal is to become YOUR ONE STOP OEM SOURCE for all your cable and wire demand. We continuously make significant technology progress, keep pace with industry standards and acquire the most advanced manufacturing equipment and tooling. In addition, our highly skilled manufacturing and engineering staff are fully committed to a high quality program and ensures the highest quality workmanship available.

Most Searched
TPU CableSpiral Cable UL758 cable UL758 wireVDE cableCE cableCCC cableUL62 cable
TPU CableSpiral Cable UL758 cable UL758 wireVDE cableCE cableCCC cableUL62 cable
Polular UL Style Number
TPU/PUR TPE/TPEE/TPV FR-PE Type Crosslinked PE mPPE/-PE Type PVC Type
UL20197 UL20255 UL20850 UL4478 UL21451 UL2468
UL20279 UL20327 UL20868 UL21016 UL21458 UL2651
UL20280 UL20346 UL21088 UL20411 UL21503 UL2678
UL20549 UL20390 UL21100 UL21284 UL21515 UL2725
UL20563 UL20625 UL21143 UL21520 UL21517 UL20276
UL20937 UL20806 UL21311 UL21565 UL21633 UL2464
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